The Weirdos Gang

Take a good look at these weirdos happily repping our brand.

We're boldly stepping away from the influencer hype train! Why pay for people to pretend they love our clothes when we've got a gang of real, passionate weirdos rocking our styles with genuine pride?

Join the weirdos gang now!

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    Miguelito aka ONCPS is a graffiti artist from Spain. In this pic he's wearing the t-shirt of the collab done with us!


    Grollak is a sketch and tattoo artist from Poland. He is known for his amazing sketches and for his goblin-looking charachters: The Grollaks. We also did a very cool collab with him in the past.


    Viktoria Lime is a street artist from Ukraine. She is a fan of our Stay Weird sweatshirt. She usually paints very cool characters that resemble elves.


    Lilli Grace is an international ink model and FHM cover model. In this picture you can see her rocking our Hug Tee of mad by the Italian street artist Jamesboy and created exclusively for our limited edition collection Media Dementia.


    Ronyah comes from Germany and she loves manga, anime and Japanese culture in general. Here you can see her wearing our Zombies Tee.


    You can see Anne happily repping our Hug Tee.