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B.Different Clothing

Weirdo Sticker

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Our Weirdo sticker is printed on durable, high opacity adhesive vinyl which makes it perfect for regular use, as well as for covering other stickers or paint.

Weirdo is a label created by society to identify people that do not fit its usual standards. We are against any social label because we believe that they create limits that do not fit the extreme complexity of a human being.

We consider social labeling dangerous because it pushes people to conform to fit into some social group. That's why we provocatively encourage you to embrace your weirdness and celebrate it with our Weirdo Sticker.

Product Detail

  • Available in 3 different sizes (check the table below if you want to see them also in centimeters)
  • High opacity film that’s impossible to see through
  • Fast and easy bubble-free application
  • Durable vinyl, perfect for indoor use

Size Guide

  3X3 4X4 5.5X5.5
Height (in.) 3 4 5 ½
Width (in.) 3 4 5 ½

  3X3 4X4 5.5X5.5
Height (cm) 8 10 14
Width (cm) 8 10 14