Limited Graffiti Collab B.Different Clothing Woak One

New Super Limited Graffiti Collab With Woak One!

Our New Limited Graffiti Clothing Collab With The Amarican Graffiti Artist Woak One!

Get ready to turn your wardrobe into a graffiti masterpiece because the hottest collaboration of the year is here, and it's as limited as a hidden graffiti gem!

Tomorrow Sunday 15th of October 2023, we'll drop our newest super limited artist collab, and you'll have a seven-day-only window to get it before it'll be forever gone! The graffiti artist Woak One is the mastermind behind this epic fusion of ink and fabric.

Woak One's style is like a carnival for your eyeballs - think larger-than-life graffiti characters with eyes wider than your excitement levels and colors so bold they practically shout at you from across the street. Imagine slipping into a graffiti inspired t-shirt, hoodie, or sweatshirts that's more than just a piece of clothing; it's an artistic statement!

From exaggerated angles to warped perspectives, this graffiti-inspired collection is designed to make you feel like you're part of a graffiti masterpiece while proudly repping your weirdness!


Who are you?

Hey I’m Kevin Boudreau (aka Woak One). I’m a Newschool tattooer and Graffiti Artist from Connecticut.

Woak One wildstyle lettering graffiti piece

Talk a bit about the collab with us

I absolutely love drawing animal characters that have human attributes and I thought a funky graffiti monkey would be a super fun idea for this collaboration. I started sketching on paper to get the flow I wanted down on paper and then threw it into the iPad to fine tune it in Procreate.

When and why did you start doing art?

I’ve been doing art for my entire life. As a child I was inspired by my great uncle who was a phenomenal oil painter. He always took time to show me how to draw and color. Later in life I was very drawn to comic art and eventually graffiti and tattooing.

Woak One alice in wonderland graffiti piece

How would you describe your art?

I would describe my work as a style commonly used in the tattoo world as Newschool. This style usually involves characters or items that have exaggerated angles and warped perspectives. I always want the viewer to enjoy seeing my characters so I tend to make them appear pretty goofy. I do this by using lots of expression with oversized eyes and/or heads. I also love to use bright bold colors as well to draw more attention to the characters.

What are your main inspirations when you create art?

My inspirations come from all over. It could be from characters that were in a movie or TV show, or other artists, but honestly just everyday life events. Look up at the clouds and squint, you might happen to find a cool shape that forms a character of some sort. When I struggle to think of ideas I enjoy thinking back to characters from childhood that I relate with. Such as video games or comic characters I was a fan of. I then redraw them in my style.

Woak One Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas graffiti piece

What do you think about street art and graffiti?

I have loved graffiti since middle school. I was always attracted to the flow of the letters, colors, and characters. I’m not crazy about street art, but I can still appreciate and respect it. To me there’s just nothing like creating with a can of spray paint.

Do you have any artists that you look up to now or in the past?
There’s no way I can pick one artist that has influenced my style, but when it comes to my earlier days of graffiti I was happy my buddy Twice was there to make me paint cleaner. At the time it was such a pain in the ass to have him point out little errors that I would have to fix, but years later I can honestly say I appreciate it. His style, colors, and cleanliness had a huge impact on me. So thanks buddy! I often bought books and movies on graffiti when I was young since there weren’t social media platforms at that time. I was always drawn to Dare’s work for sure and honestly everyone in the Love Letters crew is just insanely talented. I remember studying the Montana writers book I had and loving the work that Smash, Atom, Cantwo, Kent, and Dash had in it. Msk crew was another huge early inspiration. As for current writers today that I enjoy seeing online I would say Does, Hombre, and Smoe. They’re still so active and dedicated and I have nothing but respect for how hard they work.
Woak One Weird animal graffiti piece

Are you a professional artist who can afford art as his only job? 

My main source of income and stability is tattooing, but I occasionally take mural work on the side when it’s a project I would enjoy doing and have lots of creative freedom. I have been tattooing full time for 14 years and painting graffiti for over 17 years.

What are your artworks that you are the most proud of so far?

I can’t think of a certain piece of art that I am most proud of, but I can say I never thought I’d get anywhere near where I am today. The fact that people come to me and have me tattoo my own characters on their body is so incredible to me. It’s been a hell of a journey and I am truly thankful.

Woak One pig graffiti piece

What was your experience in trying to become an artist?

It is definitely a struggle to become a full time artist. There’s so much hard work and rejection constantly. However, when you work hard enough at trying to perfect your craft people will notice and eventually seek out your skills. 

What is your advice for people who want to become artists?

The best advice I can give for someone that wants to become an artist is to draw every day. Drawing is such a solid foundation and the more you practice the easier things become, and the better you will be. My second piece of advice is to not be lazy. The art world is so damn competitive and if you don’t work your ass off to stand out you might as well be complacent at a crapy day job.

What do you think about the philosophy of our brand?

I absolutely love this brands philosophy. I feel that a lot of artists and art lovers are a little different in comparison with the rest of the world. This is where creativity and uniqueness comes from and the world needs more of it. It’s great to have a brand represent and support the “weirdos” that make the world a better place.

Woak One fox graffiti piece

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Love it! I’ve been an artist my whole life, with just a passion for creating anything fun and colorful.. I just can’t explain the feeling I get when my ideas come to life! I love graffiti and street art and lettering has always been a secret passion of mine. Now that I’m older I see my oldest son has that passion and talent in him too, and it’s crazy to experience… art saved my life, many times, and it’s seeing brands like this that really represent us odd ballz, that remind me to keep going, keep being different and keep forging my own path.. thanks for this today!

Britt Halfpenny

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