tank tops by B.Different Clothing street art and graffiti inspired independent streetwear brand for weirdos, outsiders, and misfits.

New tank tops!

What´s better than wearing a tank top in hot summer days or during your workouts? Honestly, probably quite a few things, but not too many! 

That´s why we dropped our new tank tops with our awesome street art and graffiti inspired graphics. We suggest you to get your favorites while you can and produly rep your weirdness with your guns out. 

Anyway, each of our tank tops is a classic, all-purpose tank that can be worn by men and women a.k.a. unisex tank tops. They are timeless classics intended for anyone looking for great quality and softness. Every design comes in various colors, snag your tanks, rock them with pride and Stay Weird!

Now, it's time for a couple of fun facts.

Do you know why it is called tank top?

Well, maybe you don't give a fuck, but we'll tell you anyway because it helps us with SEO and you'll maybe learn a new thing, so it's a win win.

The tank top was named after tank suits, one-piece bathing suits of the 1920s worn in tanks or swimming pools. Cool uh?

The tank top named as a wife-beater come from a stereotyped image of brutal man wearing a tank top who looks like they would beat his wife. Both the media and film industry have also contributed to this stereotyped image.

That's crazy, we didn't know. Now, enjoy our tank tops below and remember to never ever beat your wife if you wear one, and also if you don't. Cheers.


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