Throw-up inspired collections by B.Different Clothing street art graffiti inspired streetwar brand for weirdos, oustisders, and misfits.

New graffiti throw-up inspired collections!

As our brand takes inspiration from street art and graffiti, we decided to create the graphics for our Weirdo Throwie Collection and our Misfit Throwie Collection to celebrate the infamous graffiti throw-up style.

What is a throw-up or throwie in graffiti?

Throw-up or throwie is a widely known term used within the graffiti community. It is a type of graffiti consisting of bubble letters of various complexity, but overall it is a simple style. In fact, it is thought to be executed fastly not to get caught by the guards.

Usually, it represents the artist's name. It can be with a single-color outline (the quickest one) or in two colors by adding also a filling.

How do you write graffiti throw-up?

If you are interested in learning or just curious to know how to create a graffiti throw-up, we suggest you check out the video below, where the artist does a so-called throw-up study and gives out some precious tips on to develop your throwie!


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