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Pyramid Shorts

Pyramid Shorts

Normaalihinta €50,95 EUR
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €50,95 EUR
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Product Detail

  • 91% recycled polyester, 9% spandex (fabric composition may vary by 3%)
  • Fabric weight: 5.13 oz. /yd. ² (174 g/m²)
  • Four-way stretch moisture-wicking microfiber fabric
  • Breathable and fast-drying material
  • UPF50+ protection
  • 6.5″ (16.5 cm) inseam
  • Elastic waistband with a flat white drawstring
  • Mesh side pocket

These vibrant and eccentric street art & graffiti inspired shorts feature an all-over print of pyramid shapes.

Not only do these street art & graffiti inspired shorts embrace uniqueness, art, and weirdness, but they also hold the power of the sun!

Yes, you read that right – the pyramid shape was believed to symbolize the sun, with its pointed top representing the sun's rays beaming down on us mere mortals (weirdos).

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Pyramid Shorts
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Pyramid Shorts
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