B.Different Clothing super limited graffiti clothing collab with NOBZERO

New Super Limited Graffiti Collab With NOBZERO!

Hey there, all you weirdos! Buckle up and get ready for an explosive new super limited collab that's sure to blow your mind! We've teamed up with the one and only graffiti artist, NOBZERO - an Indonesian-born artist who's making his mark in the graffiti scene!

For this unique graffiti clothing collab, we wanted to create something that would make people double-take, so we went all out and slapped a graffiti tag that says "Socially Awkward" on a hoodie, sweatshirt, and t-shirt.

Yes, that's right - we actually embraced the fact that some of us are a little weird and uncomfortable in social situations. Socially awkward people often have unique perspectives and talents that set them apart from the crowd.

This is what we usually do, we take all the things that society tells us to hide and turn them into something to be proud of!

If you're wondering how this epic graffiti clothing partnership came to be, then you're in luck because we've got the inside scoop straight from the graffiti artist's mouth! So sit back, relax, and get ready to hear about the magic that went into this super limited graffiti clothing collab!

But here's the catch, folks - this wearable art is only available for a week in April, so mark your calendars and sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know. Don't miss out on your chance to own a piece of this explosive collab, because once it's gone, it's gone forever!

So, are you ready to unleash your inner weirdo and join us on this wild ride? Then get ready to delve into the mind of a true artist and see what makes him tick.

- Who are you?

Hello, I'm NOBZERO a graffiti artist from Solo City, Indonesia.

- Talk a bit about the collab born with us!

Being involved in doing this graffiti clothing collaboration was great. It was a challenge for me and definitely a cool experience. I was able to create the graffiti handstyle according to my own style. I hope we will do some more collaborations in the future.

B.Different Clothing super limited graffiti clothing collab with NOBZERO

- When and why did you start doing art?

I started painting in 2008. I started doing graffiti because I had a junior high school classmate who made graff letter sketches while studying and I thought it's cool. Since the time I tried it both on paper and wall, I became addicted to do graffiti. 

- How would you describe your art?

My work focuses on letters. I am mostly curious about the possibility of letters developing into wildstyle and chisel tagging.

Graffiti by Nobzero at the meeting of styles in Indonesia 

- What are your main inspirations when you create art?

My inspirations are everythings around me. Sometimes I just look at buildings in the city and implement their shape in my graffiti.

- What do you think about street art and graffiti?

I think street art and graffiti are different. Street art can represent the feelings and emotions of society. So it's more acceptable in public. While graffiti only represents the ego or just the name of the writer. Writer can do tag up to blockbuster very freely. So, It will not be accepted as easily as street art. And I enjoy to be a graffiti writer. Just respect each other.

silver Graffiti piece by Nobzero

- Do you have any artists that you look up to now or in the past?

Yes, I have many writers that I admire like MadC, Taste, Sofles, Cantwo, Totem and many more. 

- Are you a professional artist who can afford art as his only job?

No, Im not. I just love doing graffiti. But I open to collaborations and commissions.

gold Graffiti piece by Nobzero

- What are your artworks that you are the most proud of so far?

I am proud I could join the first Meeting of Styles in Indonesia in 2022.

- What is your advice for people who want to become artists?

Just do your graffiti or art consistently. Don't give up. Keep it real. 

- What do you think about the philosophy of our brand?

Unique and fresh graffiti clothing with dope design dan quality. B.Different Clothing represents graffiti in a cool and unique way.

colorful Graffiti character piece by Nobzero

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