Mr Rioes super limited collab with B.Different Clothing street art and graffiti inspired brand

Discover our new super limited collab with Mr.Ioes!

We are finally back with a new super limited artist collab! This time we had the pleasure to partner up with he German graffiti artist Mr.Ioes who has been spraying walls for over 15 years.

Once again, after Reys interpretation, we decided that it would be cool to see the interpretation of our Stay Weird slogan of yet another graffiti artist with ton of skills in lettering. 

The concept of this lettering was all about creating classic, sharp graffiti letters into weird shapes so that they are over-twisted as if they are hunting themselves. A style thought to go hand in hand with its meaning: Stay Weird.

Remember that, as always, this is a super limited collab and it will be shoppable only for one week. The collab is dropping on the 28st of August 2022!

As always, there will be a timer on-site, once it expires, it will be sold out forever. So, if you dig it, do not think twice and get you one minimum!

We are also eager to remind you what we mean by saying stay weird. So, if you are interested in reading a the explanation of our vision, you can find it out by reading our stay weird blog article (it is about a one minute read).

But now let’s meet the artist! We did our usual little interview asking the artist a few questions to discover who he is, his history, inspirations, and more. Enjoy!

Who are you?

I am a sprayer from Hamburg, Germany. I focus on style writing. My goal is to create and master as many different styles as possible.

When did you start graffiti?

I started with graffiti about 15 years ago. The first few years I just scribbled around and tried to spread my name as widely as possible, until at some point I developed a higher standard and began to place more value on the aesthetics.

What are your main inspirations when you create art?

I get my inspiration from many different sources. Of course, first, there are my friends and crew members. I've spent countless evenings with them sketching and spraying.

But also other writers from my city, from the train lines, the Halls, the commissions. These days I additionally deal a lot with calligraphy, graphic design, and illustration. I have fun combining all the fields.

Do you have any artists that you look up to?

They wouldn't all fit into one interview. I look up to any artist who manages to create new impulses in this advanced age. To name a few: Sofies, Riots, Simon, Nomad, Bray. If you don't know these people, you should definitely check them out!

Are you a professional artist who can afford art as his only job?

For me, a professional artist is not characterized by the fact that he can earn a living through art alone. In this world, often the best artists are broke, while others, whose art is more unspectacular from my point of view, earn a lot of money. Likewise, many artists are good and can also make a living from it.

For my part, I wouldn't call myself 100% professional. Sometimes I think if I take money too seriously, my art might suffer. That's why I've always made sure to work with other sources of income as well. Besides my art, I work and study. Could it be enough just with art? Who knows... :D

What are the artworks you are the proudest of so far?

I look at each of my artworks critically and always think that it could be even better. But my greatest achievement so far is my ABC book. It's 120 pages full of alphabets in different styles. Videos about it on my Instagram account.

What is your device for people who want to become artists?

Just do it. I wouldn't take on too big a task for the first few years. Once you've tried enough, it's easier to move on to bigger concepts. But I think in the end everyone has to find their way.

I also advise against putting all your eggs in one basket. Especially at a young age, you should reasonably try to learn something safe, as boring as it may sound. My recommendation.

Can you talk about the collaboration with our brand?

I've been following the Muralgraffitis IG page for several years. I think the page is well-curated and is a nice collection of great works. When I was asked if I would like to create a clothing theme for B.Different Clothing, I was happy and jumped right in.

I developed a concept for this collab that is all about me putting classic, sharp graffiti letters into weird shapes so that they are over-twisted, as if they are hunting themselves. The bars are intertwined, narrow on the inside, wide and round on the outside.
With the colors, as always, one thing was important to me: contrast! Blue on red. The picture should glow! To break the clear hierarchy in the layers I added colored areas and fadings that wash over the outlines.
I'm happy about the collaboration with B.different and wish with the clothes a lot of fun! One love!
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