Blog article B.Different Clothing x Eras collab street art graffiti inspired brand for weirdos, outsiders, and misfits.

Discover our new super limited collab with ERAS!

We are back with another new super limited artist collab! This time we have done something a little different the usual. We had the amazing opportunity to collab with the German graffiti artist and sculptor ERAS.

You might be wondering: what is the real difference with our previous collabs? Well, since ERAS is known for his incredible sculptures, we had the idea to make a sculpture that says Weird As Fuck, take a picture of it, and print it on our clothes!

If you are curious to find out more details about the creative process for this collab, we suggest you to read the interview below until the end. 

Remember that, as always, this will be a super limited collab shoppable only for one week, and it will drop soon in October. So, stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

As always, there will be a timer on-site, once it expires, it will be sold out forever. So, if you want to secure for yourself a unique wearable artwork, do not think twice and get you one minimum!

But now let’s meet the artist! We did our usual interview asking the artist a few questions to discover who he is, his history, inspirations, and more. Enjoy!

- Who are you?

My Name is Marco Holzinger a.k.a. ERAS, and I was born in 1983 in Ansbach, a small town in Bavaria, Germany. I am also a husband and father of two kids.

- When and why did you start doing art?

I started being interested in Graffiti in the late 90s. 1998 to be precise. I can't really remember what exactly caught my attention, but working with letters and trying to create my own style was fascinating to me from the beginning. 

Especially the combination with Hip Hop culture was the coolest thing on earth for me. In the beginning, it was all just for fun, but the older I got the more I realized that the idea of creating something out of nothing was the mindset that defined my life. Not only as an artist.

Being creative helped me go through some tough times when I was younger and kept me from doing too many stupid things. I developed an "I know I can" mentality. Art teaches me that not everything needs to be 100% defined.

I learned that trusting yourself and just doing what you feel at a specific moment most of the time leads to something great. That's why I love art. You don't need a lot to get a lot!

- How would you describe your art?

It is: traditional but fresh, 2D but 3D, flexible but solid, spontaneous but structured. 

- What are your main inspirations when you create art?

There is no such thing as the main inspiration. I know that this answer is kind of boring, but there really is inspiration everywhere I go. Every person I meet, every song I listen to, every movie I watch, etc.

But okay, most of all it's the easiness and braveness of approaching things as my kids do.

- What do you think about street art and graffiti?

I don't think in those terms too much. There are many opinions about what is what and how it is defined.

I personally still got more interest in what I guess most people would call classical graffiti. I just love style writing. Even if nowadays, I don't paint as many walls as I used to, it still is the coolest thing to hang out with nice people and paint.

But in the end, I am fascinated by every art when I feel that is made with passion.

- Do you have any artists who you look up to now or in the past?

There are so many artists it is not possible for me to pick the most important one. It is changing, and there are many different factors I consider. It's not only about the actual artwork. For me, it's also how they do business, develop, network, etc.

In my early years, I got most of my inspiration from NYC writers, but now as everything is getting more global, it's impossible for me to name my top five or whatever...

- Are you a professional artist who can afford art as his only job?

Not yet, but I am working hard on being able to fully being able to care about my family by doing what I love and nothing else. I KNOW I CAN, AND I WILL one day.

- What are your artworks that you are the proudest of so far?

Okay, now I really got a concrete example. On June 22, I was booked as an artist by an agency hosting a sneaker-related art show for a big sporting brand in NYC. I met many inspiring people, and realized that hard work will pay off one day.

- What is your advice for people who want to become artists?

You highly likely will fail more than you will succeed! Keep on going! Stand up again, and keep trying.

- What do you think about the philosophy of our brand?

Sorry, this might be a little lazy to quote you, but you explain it best: "Weirdo is a label created by society to identify people that do not fit its standards. We are against any social label because we believe that they create limits that do not fit the extreme complexity of a human being."

This explains well one of the most important mindsets I try to teach my kids as they grow older.

- Talk a bit about the collab born with us! 

First, I wasn't sure if it really made sense to do artwork for clothing as I don't really do graphics or drawings. I either paint on walls or do sculptures. But then I thought: fuck it! Let's do a sculpture and use the photo as the actual print design. Sounds weird —> let's do it.

I did a lot of things I never did before like combining my base material with a lot of trash like old caps or wedding decorations I found somewhere in a dusty corner in our basement. Weird as fuck! Let's go!

In my mind, I was playing with the idea of trying out doing clothing designs anyway, so this was the perfect opportunity in combination with an interesting young brand with which I really can relate on many levels.

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