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New super limited collab with Juanitoox!

One week ago we dropped our latest super limited artist collab with the independent French street artist Juanitoox. Considering the season we are in, we chose to drop a sweatshirt that we named "Weird Lady Sweatshirt".

We made this unisex sweatshirt available in seven different colors!

Juanitoox created the design for this collab with his distinctive style giving birth to a beautiful illustration where he represented a woman, and at its center our motto ´Stay Weird´. On the back of the sweatshirt there is a small graphic with Juanitoox tag and our snowflake logo symbolizing this unique collab!

As always, we do this collabs limited in time, and also in this case you guys had one week to get it, once that time passes, you won´t be able to cop it anymore. Today is the last day and you have only a few hours left to grab yours, don't miss the chance to get you this unique wearable artwork and rock it with pride!
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