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New super limited collab with Asco One!

It passed quite some time since we dropped our last super limited collab. Finally, next Sunday the 21st of March at 18:00 (CET) we are dropping a new super limited artist collab with the German tattoo and street artist Asco One.

He is an artist born in Bremen, Germany, and started graffiti in 1993. Since day one he liked to paint both letters and characters, which he did a lot until 2003. After that, he slowed down and started to focus on other things, but he was still sketching a lot.

In 2007 he founded his own company called Grill-Graphics with which he started to sell logos, illustrations, poster and clothing designs. In 2015 he also started tattooing. Since then, he is a fulltime artist who does tattoos, illustrations, designs, graffitis and his own comic book series.

The design born from this collaboration expresses the artist's graffiti and tattoo-inspired style. In his illustration, he drew three characters, each of them holding a tool representing street art and tattoo.

This time we decided to make this collab available on different garments, you can in fact buy it on a hoodie, sweatshirt, t-shirt, and tank top. All the garments are unisex and are available in many colors, you only need to pick your favorite! 

As always, this collabs are limited in time, so it is going to be shoppable only for one week, once that time passes, you won´t be able to cop it anymore. So, check the timer on our website and be sure to get you at least one of these unique wearable artworks before the time expires!

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