Reys super limited collab with B.Different Clothing independent streetwear inspired by street art graffiti

New super limited collab with Reys!


After more than three months, we are finally back with a new super limited artist collab! This time we had the pleasure to partner up with Reys or Reyone, who is a legendary street artist from Switzerland with more than three decades of experience in the game. 


This time, together with the artist, we opted for an old-school graffiti lettering style, which we proposed in two different main colorways: yellow and black. Since our brand's infamous slogan in “Stay Weird”, we wanted to create a lettering around that and we think that the final result is pretty awesome. 


So, if you are an old-school graffiti head, or you simply recognize yourself in our stay weird slogan, this might be the collab for you. Remember that, as always, this is a super limited collab and it will be shoppable only for one week. The collab is dropping on the 30th of October 2021! There will be a timer on-site, once it expires, you will never be able to shop it again. So, if you dig it, do not think twice and get you one minimum!


As always, we are eager to remind you what we mean by saying stay weird. For us, it doesn't mean to always embrace deviant behaviors. That's because it would be a stretch that creates another social category which, in the end, is just another way of conforming. Besides, to always be contrary regardless, highlights an inability to think. 


Stay weird means to always follow your will, without feeling the pressure to conform to any social norm to fulfill others' expectations. We strongly believe that this behavior would result in an enhancement of the happiness and uniqueness of each individual.


If you are interested in reading a deeper explanation of our vision you can read our stay weird blog article (it is about a one minute read).


But now let’s meet the artist! We did our usual little interview asking the artist a few questions to discover who he is, his history, inspirations, and more. Enjoy!


Reys B.Different Clothing independent streetwear inspired by street art graffiti


Who are you?


I am Reys or Reyone, a Swiss graffiti writer, and artist.


When did you start with graffiti and art in general?


I have been doing art all my life: Started drawing as a child and never stopped.

I started graffiti writing in 1989 in Switzerland, when I was 17 years old, being a “rebellious” kid. I spent my early years of graff writing in the USA, Seattle and New York City (from 1991 until 2002), where I learned my foundation and style.


Why did you start with art?


I started art because it was a need that I had to express myself. I chose Graff writing because it's the ultimate form of free art to me: You can paint what you want, where you want, when you want, how you want. You are in this way in total control of your art. It is also a way for me to express my vibes and feelings, whether good or bad, in any situation.


What are your main inspirations when you create art?


My main inspirations in graff are mostly NYC train writers from the 70s and 80s, as far as art goes I get inspired by pretty much anything or anybody (the list would be too big).


Do you have any artists that you look up to?


I look up to many artists in general, like I said everything is inspiring in a way. As far as graff goes, I get inspired from NYC old school legends and my EDK – DVS crewmates, because we’re all on the same level.


Are you a professional artist who can afford art as his only job?


I have been a professional artist on and off. I did live from my art as a freelance artist and designer for decades, then took an “alimentary” job part-time on the side to help with the bills as well as giving me more free time so I can do my personal art and graff. That was the idea, but now I just quitted this job after a few years two weeks ago and I’m back in the full art life!


graffiti by Reys B.Different Clothing independent streetwear street art 

What are your artworks that you are the proudest of so far?


I can't really say which artwork is my best. The way I see it it has been a long journey (32 years non-stop) where I literally painted thousands of pieces worldwide. I did huge jobs, and art shows, but I’m most proud that I never lost the fire, kept painting, and tried to push my style all these years, and that, at my age, I’m still in the mix in the streets and yards, like if I was a kid. It’s fun but does take a lot of energy to keep up with the youth when you’re an old-timer.


What is your advice for people who want to become artists?


If you wanna become an artist just do it. Do you want to paint or draw? just grab a pen or so and get started. You could go to art school etc, but you could also do it on your own, especially these days using social media for promotion. You don't really need a degree to do art, it is the final result, what you create, that counts.


Tell us about the collab with us


As far as the collab goes, when I looked at the brand I noticed most graphics were illustration-oriented, so I decided to do graffiti letters with a simple graphic rendering. I chose to do a simple but funky traditional foundational NYC letter style, using isms such as the heart and the splashes. It says stay weird, the motto of the brand. So the stay is in a smaller handstyle (tag drippin’) and the weird is bigger in graff lettering style. Even though the letters are funky and interlacing a bit, they should be readable by anybody (which means the graff letters are consistent just like a font). I chose graphic poppy colors like yellow, red, black, and white so it pops out. The idea was to pass the “Stay Weird” concept in a clear way using graffiti writing’s energy.

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