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The t-shirt dress: women's streetwear

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All our t-shirts and clothes in general have a unisex fit. So, you are probably wondering why we did write an article with a title including words such as t-shirt dress and women streetwear.

Well, we did it with the hope to inspire our women with some cool fits and ideas! Our size and print ranges allows you to go for whatever fit and style you prefer.

In this article we will answer three main questions:

  1. What are t-shirt dresses called?
  2. How do you wear a t-shirt dress?
  3. How do you style a t-shirt dress to look good?

What are T-shirt dresses called? 

A t-shirt dress, not to be confused with the shirtdress, which brings details of a typical shirt, is a t-shirt that is big enough and long enough to be worn as a dress.

It is a style of women's dress inspired by the regular t-shirt. So, the great thing is that you can create your t-shirt dress perfectly customized to your taste and needs, which brings us to the next question.

How do you wear a T-shirt as a dress? 

Let’s start with the basics, a t-shirt dress is a casual piece of clothing that has comfortable fit. As we just said it is up to your style, and the fit you are looking for your t-shirt dress. 

According to the size you pick, you will have a different fit, wider or narrower, longer or shorter. In general, our t-shirts are more proper for an oversized t-shirt dress.

To make the right choice with the size, we suggest you check within the product pages of the t-shirts you are interested where you will find a chart with the exact inches or centimeters of the width and length of it. Then, our advice is to compare those measurements with some t-shirts you already have at home.

With that being said, you can go for a short dress that goes to half of your thighs, you can go for one that goes to your knees, and even for a very oversized t-shirt dress that goes below your knees such as a midi dress. 

Also, you need to think about the color and the type of graphic print on your t-shirt dress. We have prints that are simpler with statements and slogans, and also prints that are more extravagant with illustrations, but always inspired by street art and graffiti. 

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How do you style a T-shirt dress to look good? 

Usually, t-shirt dresses are more proper for casual situations, but you could make them fit more formal situations depending on how you style them. Also, they are usually more used in summer, but again you could use them during winter, depending on how you style them. 

You can create different outfits with your t-shirt dress by adding layers such as long-sleeved shirts, tights, or jackets. Selecting different accessories and shoes to wear with your t-shirt dress allows you to obtain a range of formal and casual outfits. 

  • Add layers to your t-shirt dress.
  1. Wear a long-sleeved shirt under the T-shirt dress for extra warmth. 
  2. Put on tights or leggings under your T-shirt dress to add an extra layer. 
  3. Add a denim jacket over the T-shirt dress for a light and casual outfit. 
  4. Pair the T-shirt dress with a utility jacket during cooler seasons. 
  5. Wear the T-shirt dress with a longline cardigan in winter. 
  • Pick the accessories for your t-shirt dress. 
  1. Wear a belt to create a defined waistline and make it look more formal. 
  2. Add a pair of sunglasses to make your outfit chic and relaxed. 
  3. Pick a cross-body bag to add a simple accessory to your T-shirt dress. 
  4. Carry a bright tote bag to create a bold outfit with your T-shirt dress. 
  5. Wear a pendant necklace to create an elegant look with your T-shirt dress. 
  6. Slip on a chunky bracelet with your T-shirt dress to help dress it up. 
  • Pick the shoes for your t-shirt dress.
  1. Wear sneakers with your T-shirt dress for a relaxed day look. You never go wrong with low-top white sneakers with low-cut white socks. 
  2. Pick knee-high boots to make a statement outfit. 
  3. Pick slip-on sandals with your T-shirt dress for a feminine, summery outfit. 
  4. Wear your T-shirt dress with wedges for a comfortable, dressy outfit. 
  5. Choose to wear stilettos with your T-shirt dress to create an elegant outfit. 

In our pictures, we propose two t-shirt dress outfits. In one of them, the girl uses the tee without showing any pants or shorts, creating the look of an actual dress. While in the other one, the t-shirt is still oversized but worn with some jeans shorts below. Both ladies in our pics wear sneakers, creating casual and relaxed fits.

Check out the video below for more inspiration on how to style your t-shirt dress.

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This t-shirt dress idea is perfect for hot summer days! I tried it couple of times, it’s great👌


Great oversized outfit ideas, it would definitely be cool to rock one of those as t-shirt dress!


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