Streetwear jackets bombers and windbreakers by B.Different Clothing street art and graffiti inspired streetwear brand.

Streetwear jackets: new bombers and windbreakers!

We just dropped new light jackets, and they are perfect for the spring, fall, but also for warmer than usual winter days or colder than usual summer days! We came out with bomber and windbreaker jackets of the absolute best quality.

We crafted them using Champions blanks with our graphics embroidered on them, and you can get them in different graphics and colors.

All our bombers and windbreakers are unisex and wearable by both men and women, be sure to check the size table on every product page.

Do people still wear bomber jackets 2023?

Well, the real question is who gives a fu*k? If you like it, wear it, and be the one who makes it cool. That's our attitude.

Other than that, we can say that we think bomber jackets are awesome. The bomber jacket has become an icon within streetwear, hip-hop culture, and American colleges as well.

Ultimately, the bomber jacket has retained its popularity to this day with some ups and down, like every garment in fashion.

Why do they call it a bomber jacket?

The bomber jacket was originally designed as a flight jacket for pilots before becoming part of popular culture and clothing, going also through several stylistic developments to become as we commonly know it today.

The American colleges made the bomber jacket popular with its iconic varsity letters. The first college to customize the letters was Harvard University in 1865, and they were originally crafted to reward baseball players for their performance.

These letters present on the bomber jackets became representative of social identities for athletes, reflecting a major sense of team spirit and pride in belonging to a specific school.

This trend became very popular among teenagers after world war two. It was then extended to students in general, not only athletes, including more aspects than sports alone and becoming a staple within a student package.

Bomber jackets are usually waist-length and can have zipper fronts or buttons. Generally, bomber jackets are made with leather, but you can also find cotton (like ours), polyester, and nylon bomber jackets in the market. Usually, they do not have hoods.

Are windbreakers trending?

Windbreaker jackets also reached high popularity during the '80s, and it's a trend that has been revived recently. Not that we give a fuck, of course. We just need to mention these stuff for SEO reasons, mainly.

Now let's talk about our windbreaker jackets. Our windbreaker jackets are special ones, a fact that brings us to the next question.

What does a windbreaker do?

Our windbreakers are practical half-zip pullover Champion Packable Jackets. They are lightweight, wind and rain-resistant, and ideal for outdoors, sports, and adventures.

They are super light and work very well against rain and wind because made with polyester micro poplin.

Also, they are extremely convenient to store as the zipped hidden pouch pocket pulls out, and the jacket can be packed into it.

Once it is packed, the jacket becomes exceptionally easy to carry by being extraordinarily light and occupying minimal space. It can fit any bag and even some pockets.


windbraker packable jacket B.DFRNT yellow by B.Different Clothing street art and graffiti inspired streetwear brand.


When should you wear windbreaker?

The easy answer is whenever the fu*k you feel like. However, if we consider the weather situation it would be advisable to wear them during every season except when the weather is too cold or too warm.

They are perfect for casual occasions, hiking, running, adventures, etc. They are versatile and pretty much fit almost all situations.

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