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New Super Limited Collab: discover the artist and design!

After over two months since we dropped our last super limited artist collab, we are finally launching a new one. Sunday the 13th of June at 18 (CET), we are dropping a collab with the German artist known as Grollak.

The idea for this collab has been born from the recent polemic concerning the launch of the movie Space Jam 2 starring the NBA star Lebron James and the Looney Tunes. The issue had at its center the infamous French skunk Pepe Le Pew who has been removed from the movie, becoming the newest victim in the male world of being accused of being a toxic figure who, in this specific case, promotes rape culture. Yes, it looks like that nowadays, not even male skunk cartoons are safe from accusations from the politically correct feminist cancel culture.

At this point, the questions are several. A couple of those concerns that since this is a cartoon for kids, people wonder: are kids unconsciously learning bad habits that will ultimately lead them to become rapists or abusers of any kind because of the behavior observed from the French skunk? Or is it just a funny cartoon that kids watch without any particular consequence other than entertaining themselves?

Another argument is that, when showing something to kids, the content should be educative to some extent. So, showing some bad behavior can maybe help kids to learn not to replicate it? The infamous French skunk never succeeds with his advances. So, kids would see that his behavior does not work and, therefore, they should not emulate it.

Also, we all study history from a very young age, where we hear many terrible events that happened in the past that we are required to learn? What is the goal of studying history? Maybe to understand it, be aware of it, and not repeat the mistakes? Or should we also cancel the history subject from schools since kids are subject to hear and study bad events and behaviors?

Lately, it seems that everything that is somehow in discordance with the narrative that the feminist and politically correct wave is ferociously trying to shave down people’s throats will get canceled. This atmosphere reminds us a bit of the glorious day of the holy inquisition, where people were accused and executed for heresy as the result of many unanimous tips based on little to no evidence. The approach nowadays is to cancel everything that does not fit a specific narrative. Does that, to some extent, resemblance the modus operandi of totalitarian regimes such as communism, fascism, and nazism?

Finally, we would like to propose an unusual and non-politically correct perspective on the issue, as it is our habit. The main issue with Pepe Le Pew is that, for some, it promotes rape culture and that, as another famous slogan says, no, means no. Right? Yes, that is right, no definitely means no. But, if we look at how the social roles are played, considering the usual interaction between men and women within society, that is not the truth.

Most often, it is a no means no, whenever it is convenient. No means no, but if you try harder it might become a yes. Or, it is a yes, but I have to play hard and say no in the beginning, hoping that you keep trying another few times until I say yes because I am not that easy to get. Right?

Then it becomes difficult to understand when no means no if you say something and mean something completely different, sometimes opposite. Additionally, within society, men are the ones required to make the first step. Generally, men are supposed to be go-getters. We are all equal, and there are no more gender stereotypes, but men have to make the first step, or, too often, they are not considered real men. It perfectly makes sense, or?

Well, at this point it sounds more like of a: we are all equal when it is convenient, but when it is not, and we like the advantages that the inequality brings us, then it is ok. Perfectly coherent. How comfortable is it to sit back, wait for the others to make the first move, and then be entitled to criticize every little thing? Very convenient, we would say. 

But, we are not here to do useless polemics. Let us try to find a solution. Rape is never justifiable and should be punished harshly, no arguments at all about that. Like it should not be justifiable lying about being raped to try to ruin someone's life and make financial gains. That also should be harshly punished.

But here, we are not talking only about rape. We are talking about one individual who might perceive harassment in some words, the way some words are said, looks, and general approaches. So, everything sounds subjective and meticulous, which makes it easy to commit some wrongdoing.

At this point, since we agree that men and women are equal, there are no gender roles anymore. How about we let the strong, empowered, and independent women make the first step? Remember, if you never shoot, you never miss.

Pepe Le Pimp is the name that we provocatively chose for the illustration born from this collaboration, and that will be the center of this super limited mini capsule drop. The design represents a different spin of the notorious French skunk Pepe Le Pew from Looney Tunes that the German artist reinterpreted by drawing it as a “bad boy” using his infamous sketchy style. 

Another news concerning this collab is that it is the first time we use our new alternative snowflake drips logo!

The super limited capsule will include a t-shirt, a tank top, and a sweatshirt, all available in three colors: black, white (gray for the sweatshirt), and navy. All the garments are unisex as usual.

As always, these collabs are limited, so also this one is shoppable only for one week. Once the time passes, you won´t be able to get it anymore. Be sure to check the timer on our website and get you at least one of these unique wearable artworks before the time expires!

But who is the artist with whom we did this latest collab?

Christof Groll, also known as Grollak, was born in Poland in 1991. Since 1992 he lives in Germany where, later, he started to work. Throughout his life, Chris has always been fascinated by cartoons, video games, and how people can invent a world of characters just from their fantasy.

His interest in drawing characters grew by drawing Pokémon in 1999, then Digimon, Dragonball, and others. He always dreamed of having his character and put him in every position and scene he wants. That‘s why the Grollaks were born: a goblin-looking character with long ears. Characters that he has been drawing and improving over the years.

In 2011 he started a degree education in airbrush design where he learned a lot about lights, composition, colors, and drawing. Later, he began to study industrial design. An internship in an animation studio, where he learned to animate the old-school way on paper, opened his eyes even more for drawing characters instead of devices or gadgets.

After that, he started to work as a tattoo artist in 2016. Through this job, he met many good artists who inspired him a lot. A few years ago, he started to draw every day, which helped him improve his skills tremendously.

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