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Get to know our artists - Mr. Blob

Mr. Blob is a street artist from Italy and he is the author of the Virtual Chains Tee available in black and in white, which belong to our limited edition t-shirts collection Media Dementia. Don't miss out and get yours before it's gone forever! 

Giovanni Calabretti a.k.a. Mr. Blob class 1988 is an Italian graffiti artist from Taranto. He is now a veteran within street art, but he was only 13 years old when he started to look for the first walls to paint those elementary sketches that can become artworks realized with an impeccable pictorial technique.

While he does other jobs, he finds in the streets his natural habitat, which becomes his laboratory where, as an autodidact, he practices improving his line among surprising shades, perspective illusions and a great poetic way of expressing himself.

After he frequents the hip-hop environment, which is the same that will influence his creative journey, in 2011 he moves to Milan where he will establish his street art artistic production.

But he doesn’t limit himself to the wall. His skills allow him to experiment with various expressive languages on different media such as canvas and others.

Always recognizable and never ordinary, Mr. Blob creates his colored subjects taking inspiration from his surroundings: everyday stories, feelings, people, and landscapes.

He has only one rule: deform the outline of the figures to make reality magic and weird.

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