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Get to know our artists - Boris Bobz

Boris Bobz is an artist from France who performs as an illustrator and painter in his own company called "Boris Bobz creator of creatures". 

He is the author of the Social Suicide Tee and of the Press Corpse Tee belonging to our limited edition t-shirts collection Media Dementia. Both t-shirts are limited edition and only 100 of each were produced, they are available both in black and white, don't miss out and get your favorite now! 

He started to draw for fun, but four years ago he started to study and learn the basics of drawing to which he now devotes more and more time. He enjoys working on the creation of characters with particular care for details such as colors, surroundings, and emotions. He has a passion for drawing female bodies, which he finds classy. This is reflected by his female character called 'Ollie', who is the main one of many of his illustrations.

Nowadays, he embraces the artist lifestyle on a daily basis and he truly enjoys it. He's a big fan of Hombre Suk, Blitzcadet, Creaturebox, and Imashev. Finally, he also told us that he's addicted to Instagram because he can see the works of many artists who are able to inspire him.

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