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New super limited Hello My Name Is mini capsule!

Out new super limited Hello My Name Is mini capsule is now out! the first drop includes four items, which are the navy premium hoodie, the gray sweatshirt, the black t-shrit, and the red tank top.

Each item will be available to buy for 30 days, and forever gone after that. So, check the timer on the product pages and be sure to get yours before the time expires!

We also might drop new colorways in the future, so stay tuned even if this is not a guarantuee. 

We made this super limited mini capsule to celebrate graffiti. We chose to create it based on the infamous Hello My Name Is graffiti sticker, which probably is one of the most popular stickers around the world.

It has been used by countless graffiti artists who wrote their names on it with some marker before sticking it on a wall.

We decided to put a "Weirdo" tag on it, cross the words "my name is", and write "I am" next to it. This is our spin on it.

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