t-shirt dress streetwear women b.different clothing

The t-shirt dress: streetwear for women

t-shirt dress streetwear women b.different clothing beggar tee

As you probably already know, all our t-shirts and clothes in general have a unisex fit. So, you are probably wondering why we did write an article with a title including words such as t-shirt dress and women streetwear .

Well, we did it with the hope to inspire our women customers with some cool fits! Our size range usually allows you to go for whatever fit you prefer. However, in this article we want to highlight a fit that we find particularly cool: the t-shirt dress. It is an oversize fit that is usually obtainable by women by purchasing an oversized tee of at least a couple of sizes bigger than the size of a regular fit (whatever that size is for you).

t-shirt dress streetwear women b.different clothing weirdo teet-shirt dress streetwear women b.different clothing hug tee

Anyway, if you wish to be super precise and obtain the absolutely perfect fit oversized t-shirt dress look, each of our tees have the size chart with specific measures of length and width both in centimeters and inches.

In this article we propose two oversized outfits, in one of them the tee is used without showing any pants or shorts creating the look of an actual dress. While in the other one the t-shirt is still oversized but it is worn with some shorts. What do you think about the t-shirt dress fit? do you like it or not? and which one is your favorite? Leave a comment below!

t-shirt dress streetwear women b.different clothing weirdo tee

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This t-shirt dress idea is perfect for hot summer days! I tried it couple of times, it’s great👌


Great oversized outfit ideas, it would definitely be cool to rock one of those as t-shirt dress!


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