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New Drop: Weird As Fuck Graffiti Inspired Collection

Weird As Fuck Graffiti & Street Art Inspired Clothing Collection

Our dear weirdos, we're happy to tell you that we are about to drop a new graffiti inspired graphic, a bold and irreverent one, as it's our habit. This street art and graffiti inspired graphic represents you. We made it for people with big dreams, uncommon goals, and unusual behaviors.

We thought about those people labeled as weirdos by a society where the mass is chained to preestablished paths, not willing to change because scared of being a misfit. A mass enslaved by others' opinions, condemned to leave an anonymous, bland life, just like a bad uninspired movie sequel.

We made this graffiti and street art inspired clothing collection for you who are proud to be called weirdos by such a society. We made it for those who embrace it every day and decided to say fuck to all this no sense by creating a new path. That's why, this time, we designed a handmade graffiti inspired lettering saying: "Weird As Fuck" and slammed it on the front of our hoodies, sweatshirts, and t-shirts as fucking big as we could.

We will drop various colorways of the garments at different times. Be sure to get you as many as you want before it's too late!

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