B.Different Clothing x Soide super limited artist collabs independent streetwear inspired by street art graffiti

New super limited artist collab with Soide!

We just launched our new Super Limited Artist Collabs with the talented Colombian artist Emilio Fonseca Vásquez a.k.a. Soide or Soideart.

To be precise, he comes from Bogotá, Colombia, and he's a graffiti artist who is also very skilled with drawing and illustrations. It´s in his hometown where you can find many of his sick graffiti and street art pieces like the one below.

graffiti piece by Soide art

This type of collabs are extemporary ones that might not have any specific theme like our limited edition collections have. This allows us to create new wearable artworks in a quicker manner. Also, instead of being limited in the number of pieces, they are limited in time. 

t-shirt ice cream tee white by B.Different Clothing independent streetwear street art graffiti

These collabs are shoppable only for a week after the launch. Within the product page and across our entire site, you can see a countdown timer that will tell you how much time is left before the items are gone. Keep in mind that once the time expires the items will be gone forever, so do not miss the chance to treat yourself with these unique wearable artworks.

t-shirt ice cream tee black by B.Different Clothing independent streetwear street art graffiti

Above you can see the t-shirts that we launched for our first super limited artist collab where Soide created a sick illustration representing an ice cream cone that has graffiti can caps on its top and spray paint dripping all over. Stay tuned for the next one!

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