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Get to know our artists - Mão

Luís Santos, also known as Mão is a Brazilian street artist and he is the author of the Ego Boost Tee belonging to our limited edition street art and graffiti-inspired t-shirt collection Media Dementia. The Ego Boost Tee is available both in black and white, be sure to get yours before it's gone forever! 

Mão's first contact with art was early as a kid, drawing small comic books about medieval times and fun adventures. Between basketball courts and international experiences, the drawing was always a way to relax.

The drawing routine went from hobby to a job in 2014, after that more and more commissioned jobs started to appear the focus on art grew exponentially. The digital art and abstract shapes are well explored in most of his productions, but there is no limit to creating, it can be on paper, on the wall in form of graffiti, digital and so forth. Always seeking improvement and finding different ways to express creativity.

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