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Antisocial Tag Windbreaker Jacket

Antisocial Tag Windbreaker Jacket

Normaalihinta €101,95 EUR
Normaalihinta Alennushinta €101,95 EUR
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Product Detail

• 100% polyester micro poplin premium windbreaker jacket
• Wind and rain resistant
• Hidden zipped pouch pocket
• Packable in the zipped pouch pocket

Wash & Care

To ensure that this jacket maintains that fresh out-of-the-pack look and feel, we reccomend:

  • Machine washing it inside out and with cold water
  • Hang to dry it (do not tumble dry)

Proudly embrace your refusal to blindly follow the social norm with our graffiti inspired Antisocial Tag Windbreaker Jacket. Rock the streets with this statement windbreaker jacket featuring a striking graffiti tag design, cherish your inner rebel, and make a statement with every step. 

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Antisocial Tag Windbreaker Jacket
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Antisocial Tag Windbreaker Jacket
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