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We just dropped our Leonardo collection!

We just dropped our limited edition 'Leonardo Tee' and 'Leonardo Sweatshirt' in honor of the great Leonardo Da Vinci. We released both the t-shirt and the sweatshirt in several different colors. Here you can check out the t-shirts and here you can see the sweatshirts, be sure to grab your favorite before it's too late!

If you are also curious about discovering the reasons that pushed us to create these t-shirts and sweatshirts in his honor, keep reading below and you'll discover all the details and curiosities! 

Leonardo's talent was unique and his absolute genius brilliantly touched so many different fields. He had a unique personality from a young age, which translated into an irrepressible interest and curiosity for many different disciplines.

His innovativeness and extreme capacity of thinking outside the box made him look like a weirdo in the eyes of many people during his time. However, he never stopped being himself and always kept pursuing his talents and curiosities, a behavior that allowed him to create numerous masterpieces. 

His multifaced and hardly definable personality, his way of thinking, and talent are the main reasons that pushed us to create the Leonardo tee and sweatshirt in his honor.

However, we did it also because we believe that his nature perfectly represents the philosophy of our brand. His quote that appears on the back of our t-shirts and sweatshirts: "Ciò che non ha termine non ha figura alcuna" was chosen because of the same reason. The quote translated in English would be: "what doesn't have an end doesn't have any figure".

We don't know exactly why he wrote this sentence, but we believe that it perfectly fits the human personality, which is naturally complex, always changing and evolving, so that it can't be defined precisely and immutably.

Nonetheless, people usually tend to do the opposite, constantly putting labels on others to try to define them, forming social labels that too often become cages where our personalities and dreams die.

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