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New Spring Jackets!

We just dropped new limited-edition jackets, and they are perfect for the spring! Our bomber and rain packable jackets are of the absolute best quality and are made using Champions blanks with our graphics embroidered on them.

You can find both the bomber jacket and the rain packable jacket in several colorways and with both our popular Stay Weird and the super fresh B.DFRNT graphics embroidered on them.

Also, keep in mind that all our jackets are produced in a limited quantity, so be sure to get your favorites before is too late, and always stay tuned for new drops!

The bomber jacket has become an icon within streetwear, hip hop culture, and American colleges as well. But, the bomber jacket, which has retained its popularity to this day, was originally designed as a flight jacket for pilots before becoming part of the popular culture and clothing, going also through several stylistic developments to become as we commonly know it today.

The American colleges made the bomber jacket popular with its iconic varsity letters. The first college to customize the letters was Harvard University in 1865, and they were originally crafted to reward baseball players for their performance. These letters present on the bomber jackets, but also in other apparel, became representative of social identities for athletes, reflecting a major sense of team spirit and pride in belonging to a specific school.

This trend became very popular by spreading among teenagers after world war two, and it was extended to students in general, not only athletes, including more aspects than sport alone and becoming a staple within a student package.

The creation of our B.DFRNT graphic, which is present in both our spring jackets, was heavily inspired by the American colleges' varsity bomber jackets and aims to repropose that vibe.

Also, rain jackets or raincoats have become quite popular within the streetwear culture lately. Our rain-packable jacket looks slick on any occasion. Its features make it the perfect jacket to protect you from the sudden changes of weather that can happen in spring.

Thanks to its lightweight and waterproof fabric, it will allow you and your clothes to stay dry. Finally, its special feature that makes it stand out is that can be easily packed becoming so small to fit any bag, and also some pockets.

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