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Santa Homicide Tee is out for a very limited time!

We just dropped the super limited edition 'Santa Homicide Tee' just in time for Christmas! We released both the t-shirt in three different colors, which are the , the, and finally the. Be sure to grab your favorite wearable artwork before it's too late! If you are also curious about discovering the secrets hiding behind our new t-shirt artwork, keep reading below and you'll discover all the details and curiosities!

On the t-shirt artwork made exclusively for us by the French artist Boris Bobz, you can see a kid cutting Santa Claus' throat while behind them Jesus is looking at the scene saying:” If I existed I'd love this”.
The figure of the kid murdering Santa Claus has the intent to express the desire of freeing society from the superficial and consumeristic way of thinking that, unfortunately, is deeply instilled in us since the early days as Santa Claus tale proves.

The sarcastic sentence said by Jesus within the artwork addresses the representation of himself as the son of God capable of miracles which, according to most scholars, is nothing more than a myth. But, even if Jesus existed like described in the holy books, he'd surely be disgusted by seeing how his birthday became a horrific corny celebration of consumerism.
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