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What inspired our 'Media Dementia' t-shirt collection?

t-shirt Media Dementia by B.Different Clothing independent streetwear inspired by street art
Our limited edition collabs go beyond being simple clothes, they are conceived as unique pieces of artwork and are available in very limited quantity, so once gone, they are gone forever. The illustrations on our t-shirts are inspired by street art and graffiti, and were created exclusively for our collection by artists from all over the world.


The text below is on the flyer within the packaging of our limited edition t-shirt collection Media Dementia. We believe that there couldn't be a better way to explain the reasons that inspired us to create this collection. Enjoy the reading!


"This first collection has been dedicated to media because we think they have a huge influence on our lives and, unfortunately, many times a negative one. Through the visions of the artist we involved in this project, we tried to propose illustrations that can push people to think differently.


The mass media too often divulge manipulative news, push unintelligent programs and shows that do not offer any educative content but have the power to make people brainless. However, it's all a business and if mass media broadcast so many of these contents, it means that there are a lot of people who watch them. We think that each individual has the power to change that, and this is possible by starting to think differently and educating one another.


Nowadays, social media have also a huge power and became a big part of our lives. We believe that how social media are usually utilized is incredibly stupid and dangerous to many extents. Average people utilize social media to feel accepted and to share with others an image of themselves that, most of the time, is far from reality. The result is that social media have highly enhanced the need to receive others' approval to which many became addicted. This pushes people not to focus on real life, but to strive to propose plastic content to others, hoping to receive their approval.


False information spread on the internet is another factor that has an impact on our beliefs and behavior. We'd like people to be always critical toward everything, never stopping to produce personal and original thoughts. Knowledge is power and, in a small way, we designed this collection to push you to educate, being always able to think critically and not being a slave of others' thinking or approval.


Enjoy your t-shirt, wear it with pride and be always proud of being different.


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