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New drop: Fuckin' Weirdo Long Tee

We just dropped our new limited edition graphic t-shirt 'Fuckin' Weirdo Long Tee' and we released in two colors: Fucking Weirdo Tee | Black and Fucking Weirdo Tee | White. 'Weirdo' is a label created by society to identify people that do not fit its usual standards. We are against social labels because we believe that they create limits that do not fit the extreme complexity of a human being. We consider social labeling as a dangerous habit because it pushes people to conform to fit into some kind of social group. This gave us the inspiration to craft this statement long tee with a drop tail and rounded bottom hem gives a fashionable, relaxed vibe that's all the rage right now. The t-shirt is...

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Become our ambassador!

Would you like to join our family by becoming one of our brand ambassadors? well, this is your best opportunity because we just launched our brand ambassador program!  How does our ambassador program work? Once you register, you will get your custom code valid for a10% off any order and every time a person does an order using your code you get a commission of 3 €! In addition, it's free, extremely easy to join, and you can easily keep track of your earnings. Plus, if you want to purchase any of our items, you can still use your personal code and get 10% off on the entire order and your commission of 3 €. How can you make sure to be the most effective ambassador...

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Get to know our artists - Evelyn Deetz

Evelyn Deetz is an artist from Budapest class 1995. She studied art & graphic design in the Secondary School of Visual Arts in Budapest and design, technology, and business at KEA Copenaghen School of Design and Technology. She is also a tattoo apprentice and freelance artist who works part-time as a graphic designer. Her main inspiration comes from creepy movies, rock music, and sub-cultures. She describes her drawing style as cartoonish, grotesque, with a touch of realistic details. She also loves cats, dinosaurs, The Lord Of the Rings, and pizza. She is the author of the illustrations of the 'Beggar Tee' and the 'Zombies Tee', which are wearable artworks that belong to our first limited edition collection "Media Dementia". 

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Santa Homicide Tee is out for a very limited time!

We just dropped the super limited edition 'Santa Homicide Tee' just in time for Christmas! We released both the t-shirt in three different colors, which are the Santa Homicide Tee | Red, the Santa Homicide Tee | Black, and finally the Santa Homicide Tee | White. Be sure to grab your favorite wearable artwork before it's too late! If you are also curious about discovering the secrets hiding behind our new t-shirt artwork, keep reading below and you'll discover all the details and curiosities!  On the t-shirt artwork made exclusively for us by the French artist Boris Bobz, you can see a kid cutting Santa Claus' throat while behind them Jesus is looking at the scene saying:” If I existed I'd love...

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Get to know our artists - Jamesboy

Jamesboy is an Italian street artist from Tuscany and he became notorious thanks to his street art project #DiventaSanto (in English: become a saint), which allows everyone to become a saint figuratively. This project allowed him to create an interactive relationship between both audience and street art but also between audience and artist. He defines himself as obsessed by drawing, he loves painting everywhere to find new artistic solutions where he offers funny themes, delicate subjects that are almost diaphanous in worlds where nature reigns uncontested. He brought his talent in a lot of different places by painting everywhere in Italy but also abroad. He is the author of the illustration on the t-shirt named 'Hug Tee' belonging to our first limited edition t-shirt...

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