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New super limited t-shirt collab with Juanitox!

One week ago we dropped our latest super limited artist collab with the independet French street artist Juanitox. Considering the season we are in, this time we chose to drop a sweatshirt that we named "Weird Lady Sweatshirt". We made this unisex sweatshirt available in seven different colors! Juanitox created the design for this sweatshirt collab with his distinctive giving birth to a beautiful illustration where there is represented a woman, and at its center our motto ´Stay Weird´. On the back of the sweatshirt there is a small graphic with Juanitox tag and our snowflake logo symbolizing this unique collab! As always, we do this collabs limited in time, and also in this case you guys had one week...

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New super limited t-shirt collab with Sober!

We are very happy to announce you a new super limited t-shirt drop done in collaboration with the young Russian street artist Sober. The Russian street artist in known for is infamous calligraphy style of its artworks. The T-shirt is called Snowflake Tee by Sober and its design is a reinterpretation of our snowflake logo, which was redesigned using the artist notorious calligraphy style. A fan fact of the tee is that its design has been composed using only one word: B.Different. In accordance to our brand values, this t-shirt wants to be a unique wearable artwork crafted for the weirdos, the outsiders, and all the people who dare to think different. To express this message there couldn't be any better symbol...

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New collab with I Support Street Art

The t-shirt design that you see above is the one we created for our newest super limited collab. In the middle, it presents the I Support Street Art's pigeon logo designed by the Polish street artist Aqualoopa. The pigeon is an urban bird that perfectly symbolizes the peace and capacity to adapt to the urban environment where our beloved street artists produce their amazing artworks! The bird logo is finally surrounded by a circle where the phrases "TO LIVE AND LET LIVE" and "STREET ART AGAINST HATE" are incorporated together with our iconic snowflake logos. We are extremely happy to have had the opportunity to create this super limited t-shirt together with I Support Street Art, which is a very...

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New Super Limited Artists Collabs!

We recently launched a new section of our website called Super Limited Artist Collabs and you might be asking now: ok, what is that for? Well, if you were hanging around our website in the previous week you might have noticed that we did our first super limited artist collab with the talented Colombian artist Soide. But why is it super limited and what is the difference with the other limited editions? Well, the differences are mainly two: the first one is that this type of collabs are extemporary ones that do not have any specific theme like our limited edition collections have. The second one is that instead of being limited in the number of pieces, they are limited...

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