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Who is Gnasher? find out in our interview!

Who are you? My name is Gnasher, I’m from Essex (England), and I run a company called Gnasher Murals. When I started to do graffiti, I used to tag something different, but when I re-started I used my old DJ name DJ Gnasher and that stuck. When did you start with graffiti and art in general? I started graffiti around ´87 as a kid buzzing on the scene in New York. I was trying to replicate that in my hometown. I stopped around ´94 and started DJing. After, I re-started as a hobby in 2009, never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d still be doing it now and for a living. Why did you start with art? I...

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) - How Is Street Art Reacting?

Coronavirus or Covid-19 like many people call it, is without any doubt having a huge impact on our society worldwide. Other than its main impact on us which, unfortunately, is the one that attempts at our health, the Coronavirus is behaving like a snowball, affecting many other areas of our lives as well. In fact, many of us are forced to adapt to some radical lifestyle changes and to enormous uncertainty, all factors that ultimately caused also a huge economic distress. But within this terrible Covid-19 situation that is affecting every one of us and that we hope finishes as soon as possible, we, as street art and graffiti fans, were curious to discover if and how the street artist...

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Get to know our artists - Mão

Luís Santos, also known as Mão is a Brazilian street artist and he is the author of the Ego Boost Tee belonging to our limited edition street art and graffiti-inspired t-shirt collection Media Dementia. The t-shirts are limited edition and only 100 were produced, the Ego Boost Tee is available both in black and white, be sure to get yours before it's gone forever!  Mão's first contact with art was early as a kid, drawing small comic books about medieval times and fun adventures. Between basketball courts and international experiences, the drawing was always a way to relax. The drawing routine went from hobby to a job in 2014, after that more and more commissioned jobs started to appear the focus on art grew exponentially. The digital art and abstract shapes are well...

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Get to know our artists - Mr. Blob

  Mr. Blob is a street artist from Italy and he is the author of the  Virtual Chains Tee belonging to our limited edition t-shirts collection Media Dementia. The t-shirts are limited edition and only 100 were produced, the Virtual Chains Tee is available both in black and white, don't miss out and get yours before it's gone forever!  Giovanni Calabretti a.k.a. Mr. Blob class 1988 is an Italian graffiti artist from Taranto. He is now a veteran within street art, but he was only 13 years old when he started to look for the first walls to paint those elementary sketches that can become artworks realized with an impeccable pictorial technique. While he does other jobs, he finds in the streets his natural habitat, which becomes his laboratory where, as...

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Get to know our artists - Jamesboy

Jamesboy is an Italian street artist from Tuscany and he became notorious thanks to his street art project #DiventaSanto (in English: become a saint), which allows everyone to become a saint figuratively. This project allowed him to create an interactive relationship between both audience and street art but also between audience and artist. He defines himself as obsessed by drawing, he loves painting everywhere to find new artistic solutions where he offers funny themes, delicate subjects that are almost diaphanous in worlds where nature reigns uncontested. He brought his talent in a lot of different places by painting everywhere in Italy but also abroad. He is the author of the illustration on the t-shirt named 'Hug Tee' belonging to our first limited edition t-shirt...

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