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New premium face masks!

We all know that during this shitty times in many countries around the world it is mandatory to wear a face mask to help avoiding the spread of the Coronavirus. Also, many people choose to wear a face mask even when it is not compulsory. So, we decided to drop our premium face masks with three different graphics and two slightly different colorways. If you have or want to wear a face mask what´s better than wear one with one of our amazing graphics? Pick your favorite, make a statement with your face mask, and as always: stay weird!  

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) - How is street art reacting?

Coronavirus or Covid-19 like many people call it, is without any doubt having a huge impact on our society worldwide. Other than its main impact on us which, unfortunately, is the one that attempts at our health, the Coronavirus is behaving like a snowball, affecting many other areas of our lives as well. In fact, many of us are forced to adapt to some radical lifestyle changes and to enormous uncertainty, all factors that ultimately caused also a huge economic distress. But within this terrible Covid-19 situation that is affecting every one of us and that we hope finishes as soon as possible, we, as street art and graffiti fans, were curious to discover if and how the street artist...

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