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Become our ambassador!

Would you like to join our family by becoming one of our brand ambassadors? well, this is your best opportunity because we just launched our brand ambassador program

How does our ambassador program work? Once you register, you will get your custom code valid for a10% off any order and every time a person does an order using your code you get a commission of 3 €! In addition, it's free, extremely easy to join, and you can easily keep track of your earnings.

Plus, if you want to purchase any of our items, you can still use your personal code and get 10% off on the entire order and your commission of 3 €.

How can you make sure to be the most effective ambassador possible? It's very simple, follow our recommendations below and you'll have the best chance to increase your earnings:

  • put your discount code in a place that is very visible in all your social media (crucial)
  • put our website address in a place that is very visible in all your social media and put it as a clickable link wherever possible (crucial)
  • create posts and stories from time to time where you tag us and don't forget to put your discount code and to say to shop from the link in your bio.
  • once you join our ambassador program, go to the marketing tools section of your dashboard and find all the useful graphics to create your posts and stories. We recommend to always keep an eye on it as we constantly update it with new ones!
  • if you have the option to do stories with swipe up, do them and put directly the link of our website or of the specific product you want in the swipe up.
  • to increase your chances of conversion, you can also add our social media handles. 

 What are you waiting for? Become an ambassador now


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